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Eco-friendly Desert Tours, Namibia

Enjoy an exclusive and eco-friendly excursion into the desert to explore captivating history and uniqueness. Experience Namibian nature in its true form and style, whilst we dazzle you with our famous Namibian hospitality. Treat a loved one to an exclusive tour. We will customize any trip to suit your needs.

4x4 Desert Trip - Sandwich Harbour

Experience an unforgettable eco-friendly adventure in the world's oldest desert, the Namib. Dolphin Tours Namibia will treat you to an ECO 4x4 trip to Sandwich Harbour. During the trip you will be mesmerized by our breath-taking dunes, see the salt works, saltpans, Kuisebmond Delta and numerous other spine-tingling sights. A photographers paradise, capture stunning images of Black-backed Jackal, Ostrich, Springbok and a variety of bird life in their natural habitat.

Experience the Namib Desert as it meets the ocean with its hidden natural gems and unique ecosystem which is famous for its pristine beauty. This captivating trip can be done in a full or half day. At Dolphin Tours Namibia we offer our guests the opportunity to make the most of their day out by combining a 4x4 excursion with a marine tour. Whatever your needs, Duan and his team are flexible and content to ensure you get the most out of your adventure.

Sandwich Harbour, part of the famous Namib Naukluft Park is a unique landscape with breath-taking sceneries which many may have heard of but very few have had the privilege to visit. It boasts with huge sand dunes that run straight into the Atlantic Ocean and untamed landscapes just waiting to be discovered.

Your first encounter will be the masses of Flamingos harvesting at the Walvis Bay Lagoon on the way to Sandwich Harbour. The 4x4 excursion to Sandwich Harbour then takes a turn and we cross beautiful dunes and the Kuisebmond Delta where Springbok may be spotted in the dry river bed. When weather and tides allows us, we'll take a relaxing and exciting drive to the Sandwich Harbour Lagoon area. The Lagoon is one of Southern Africa's richest and most unique wetlands.

During the trip we take time out to treat our guests with a light lunch consisting of freshly prepared sandwiches, snacks and fresh Namibian Oysters. Sparkling wine and juice are served to compliment the meal. Your guide will also take this time to enlighten and educate guests with some interesting facts and stories of the area.

Moon Valley & Welwitschia Plains Tour

Millions of years and even more cubic metres of water contributed to form the unworldly lunar-like landscape called the Moon Valley. A visit to the coastal area of Namibia will not be complete without experiencing this extraordinary peace of land.  The trip will start in Swakopmund from where we go inland towards the Swakop river valley. The trip will include astonishing viewpoints for the photographers.

A visit to the musical rocks that resonate like a bell when struck is also on the list. From here we visit the lichen fields which can be hundreds or even thousands of years old. Rear and ancient desert plants can be spotted on the way and off course this includes the endemic Welwitschia Mirabilis, ”Namibia’s famous fossil”.

Both these tours will leave you awestruck with the realization that to the untrained eye the Namib Desert may look lifeless and barren, but on the contrary, the Namib is a living mecca with never before seen fauna & flora.

Rates & Options

Sandwich Harbour tour: Half day

  • 08h00 – 12h00 or 13h00 – 17h00.
  • N$ 1'500 per person
  • Pick up in Swakopmund can be arranged (not included).

Sandwich Harbour tour: Full day

  • 10h00 – 15h00.
  • N$ 1'900 per person.
  • Pick-up in Swakopmund can be arranged (not included).

Moon Valley and Welwitschia plains tour: Half day

  • 08h30 – 12h30 or 14h00 – 18h00.
  • N$ 700 per person.
  • Pick-up at accommodation in Swakopmund included.